We started back in 1995 as an installation company here in Tucson.  From there we grew very quickly to a full service flooring company with a full showroom.  We provide a variety of different products to suite many different projects.  Starting with installation provided us the knowledge that sets us apart from our competitors.
     We know what we are doing and do things right the first time!  We saw a need in Tucson for a honest and responsible company.  A business that is actually going to do good work at a reasonable price.  From our many customers: We have done that and continue to do so .
     We work with so many customers that are happy to have us as a company because:

  • We show up on time when we are supposed too! 
  • We DON'T use pressure sales
  • We listen to the customers' needs
  • We provide knowledge to make a good decision
  • We have great design and color understanding 
  • We make sure our customers are going to refer us by being better than any other company!
As a small company we are able to do better work and take better care of you as our customer. We like the smaller format of our company because we can provide better service and we will continue doing so into the future.

Come see us!

-Jekiah Schisel,

Owner of Anasi Flooring